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What We're About

Welcome to Braithwaite Village Shop, a shop with a difference, not only because of its own heritage, but it is also a place where you can learn all about the history of the area.  

All is revealed when you step inside The Village Shop.

The Village Shop has its own story to tell right up to the present day: risen like a phoenix following the devastation of terrible floods that hit the area back in 2015, the Village Shop has been reborn, with a new look interior.

New flood prevention measures for the area are now complete so Braithwaite villagers hope to never see the likes of that devastation again.

As part of the Braithwaite Village Shop revival, a project has led to the development of a historical resource within the shop. Storyboards are displayed throughout, in an interesting and fun way, for visitors of all ages to discover and learn as they shop.

Come and pay a visit and find out for yourself.  

Shop Front and Decorated Bench
Braithwaite Village From Above
Cakes in the Shop
Romney's Kendal Mint Cake
Life is too short to say no to cake
Rural Hero awards with local MP

Braithwaite Village Shop in the News

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